Intuitive Market Management Solutions tailored to the constantly evolving requirements for trading physical commodities with success.

Market Data

Intuitive Market Data Aggregation

Are you still relying on spreadsheets or even pen and paper to process the daily flow of market data?

We offer you an intuitive alternative for collecting, aggregating and evaluating market data for any type of physical commodity market.

Intuitive Collection

Use our web application for direct data input and forward quotes via Skype, WhatsApp or Email for automated market data recognition.

Reliable Markets

By collecting market data only from the sources you trust, you create reliable and tradeable markets tailored to your specific needs.

Objective Insights

Based on your aggregated data, we provide you with a detailed market overview and calculate objective settlements and spreads.

Inter-Company Collaboration

Improving Inter-Company Collaboration

The information you receive depend on the personal relationships you entertain with your partners.

Leverage the insights of all team members, share the collected market data in real-time and create a unified inter-company overview of the markets you work with.

Trading Teams

All team members have access to the collectively aggregated market data, creating a unified basis for informed decisions.

Risk Management

Use raw or pre processed market data to improve inter-company workflows and increase the quality and speed of risk assessments.

Granular Access

Granting specific access to individuals, teams and departments allows to effectively channel the flow of market data.


For all Agri-Professionals

We are commodity enthusiasts and are particularly interested in agricultural commodity markets.

From our experience, the interlinked industry as a whole is facing similar challenges which we aim to solve with a adaptable solution.

for Traders

Collaboratively aggregate the many available data sources into reliable markets and seize profitable opportunities before they vanish.

for Processors

Keep your crush and processing margins in check by monitoring and relating the physical markets your business relies on.

for Brokers

Provide your clients with direct data feeds instead of verbal market rundowns and dedicate additional time to market developments.

Platform Independent

Platform Independent Infrastructure

Our browser based web application is optimized for mobile devices and is platform independent.

Minimize administrative costs while keeping your peace of mind, knowing that your organizations market data is stored in a secure location.

Cloud Processing

Resource intensive data processing is handled within the EU by our optimized cloud servers in Frankfurt (DE) and Amsterdam (NL).

Dedicated Storage

Your data will be securely stored on nodes dedicated to your organization. You decide whether in the cloud or on your own premises.

Custom Solutions

With our stock modules covering potential scenarios, we are looking forward to developing customized solutions together with you.

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Our approach is different. We do not attempt to establish a centralized market platform nor aim to make commodity markets publicly accessible.

We however believe, that efficient and effective solutions are necessary to improve inter-company workflows such as the exchange of market data.

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