Today's Challenge

Today's Challenge

When markets move, swift and confident action is a must. Decentralized work environments can make it challenging to communicate market developments in real-time.

AGRINODE is a web-based software solution that keeps commodity trading teams connected.

Remote Work

Flexible remote office solutions are now an essential part of achieving company goals, fulfilling employee expectations, and adhering to added government regulations.

Reporting Gaps

With a constant flow of new information from various reporting sources, it can be difficult to keep your team informed and ready to act with certainty when required.

Reaction Time

Manually sharing market data takes time and can cause expensive delays. In fast-moving markets, profitable opportunities quickly vanish while risk occurs.

Intuitive Solution

Collecting and exchanging market data using spreadsheets or pen and paper is error-prone. Decisions based on outdated and incomplete information can wipe out your margin.

AGRINODE makes the real-time management of market data intuitive, collaborative, and reliable.

Location Independent

Your teams' latest market data is always accessible, whether from any computer in the office, a tablet in a meeting, or your smartphone during business lunch.

Real-Time Collaboration

Improve intra-company workflows by sharing your market insights across teams and departments and benefit from comprehensive real-time market overviews.

Reliable Markets

Your raw market data is filtered, enriched, and aggregated to provide you with sharp markets that you and your team can rely on, act on, and take advantage of.

Broad Application

Based on our professional experience in the commodity trading industry, we understand that traders, processors, and brokers face similar challenges.

AGRINODE is a digital solution that all market participants can benefit from regardless of their size or business.

for Traders

Manage the flow of information and collect market data from the sources you trust. Identify profitable opportunities and make informed decisions faster.

for Processors

Follow the many interlinked markets necessary to manage your processing margins. Exchange data across different trading desks and maintain a clear picture.

for Brokers

Provide your clients with precise market overviews and export daily or historical data. Hand over your markets to colleagues when you travel or take a day off.

Cloud Technology

New software can be time consuming and expensive to introduce. Extensive employee training and unavoidable software updates can quickly escalate your overhead.

AGRINODE is set-up in minutes and requires no additional software to be installed.

Web-Based App

Our web-application is platform-independent, works on any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone), and only requires a web browser and an internet connection.

Secure Storage

Your data is stored on servers in the EU and can only be accessed by your company. Dedicated as well as on-premises storage solutions are available upon request.

Custom Solutions

We are looking forward to planning and developing customized services and modules tailored to fit your specific requirements or offer you direct access to our API.